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Chestatee is a place where students are Supported to Learn, Empowered to Lead, and Embraced as a Family!

We are here to support families in the transition to a new school and community.  Below are some common resources and information that can be helpful. Feel free to contact any of us if you have questions or concerns.  Please keep us up to date if any of your contact information changes so we can contact you if needed.

Office and Support Staff

Jennifer Kogod, Principal

David Peake, Assistant Principal

Libbie Armstrong, Assistant Principal

Gina Sexton/Alisa White, Front Office

Donna Smith, Registrar/Data Entry

Michele Rosales, Lead Instructional Coach

Yolanda Krauth, Parent Liaison

Rebecca Pless, Nurse

Michelle Gunnin, Counselor Secretary

Hannah Interholzinger, School Counselor (Last names A – K)

Mary Lawson, School Counselor (Last names L-Z)

Holly Klippel, Social Worker

Student information system and grades

Infinite Campus – Click here to create an account. Parents can us Infinite Campus to keep track of their student’s attendance and grades. Progress reports go home with students about 4.5 weeks into each quarter and report cards go home at the end of each quarter.


Our goal is to keep students healthy and thriving and in the classroom ready to learn.  Our nurse will answer any questions you have about medication (only adults bring medication of any type to the school), immunizations, activity restrictions, allergies and emergency medications.   Any call or text you receive from your student about not feeling well should be redirected to our nurse.  

War Eagle Points

Students lose and gain points due to positive and negative consequences for behavior choices. Every student begins with 100 points at each term and consequences such as lose of break time, silent lunch, parent phone call, parent conference or an office referral are assigned if a student loses points. Students who are behaving well will be celebrated with a party at the end of each term.  Parents will receive a letter when their student drops below 90 points.

Connections Classes

Students can choose to take two of our Connections classes each semester:

  • Art
  • Band
  • Business Computer Science
  • Chorus
  • Culinary Arts
  • Health
  • Healthcare Science
  • Math Remediation
  • Physical Education
  • Spanish
  • Technology
  • Weight Lifting
  • Writing Extension

War Time

During our afternoon break time, teachers may assign students to War Time to make-up work or finish incomplete work.


Seeking Out Authentic Relationships is the goal of our SOAR Academies. Each semester, students request a class based on their interests that meets on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.  Students will participate in Day at the Museum which is a showcase of what students did during their SOAR class each semester. Click Here to learn more.


“Thursday After School Kids” is an opportunity for students to stay after school to complete any missing or incomplete work.  TASK meets every Thursday for 4-5 pm in the Media Center with tutors and computers available. Students can ask their teachers to sign them up, or teachers will call home to ask a student to stay. Please contact your student’s teacher if you would like them to attend.

Saturday School

Saturday School is an opportunity for students to complete missing work, to makeup attendance, or given as a discipline consequence.  Occurs once a month on Saturday from 8 am – 12 pm. Teachers, students and teachers can assign Saturday School, but the school must know a student is attending in advance. Students that do not attend Saturday School if assigned by an administrator will receive three days ISS for their truancy.


Students will take the Georgia Milestones in April each year.  For more information about the Georgia Milestones visit their website.

Students will also be given County Assessments in ELA and math periodically.


Athletic forms are in the front office for each sport.  Turn them into the coach listed on the form or Libbie Armstrong, our athletic director, or the coach of the sport you plan to try out for.  For more information, visit the Sports Tab on our website.

Extracurricular Community Activities

Archery – Contact Frank Barroqueiro 770-540-9546 or Jason Chesser at jason.chesser@hallco.org

Lanier Canoe and Kayak Club – LCKC Website

Hall County 4-H – Visit the county extension website or call 770-835-8291 or jtilford@uga.edu

Biking Club – Loren and Michelle Funk 678-617-6648

Junior War Eagles Football Club- Jr War Eagles Website

YMCA- gamountainsymca.org/locations/jawalters/programs/teens/

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